A downloadable game for Windows

Welcome to the world of Mystria, an elemental subterranean sanctuary of exploration and musical creation that comes alive at your command.

Crystalline formations lie dormant, harboring powers of radiant color and melody awaiting to be awakened.

Interact dynamically with the cave’s features to reveal surprising and performable instruments.

Enjoy the immersive music that emerges, play your own inspired songs, and envelop yourself in a living chorus of sound and light.


- Touchpad: Click down and point with the controller to teleport

- Trigger: Pull to select buttons in the menu

- Application Menu Button: Press to pull up the in-game menu

Install instructions


- Steam VR

- HTC Vive + controllers

Game folder only needs to be unzipped once downloaded, enjoy!


Mystria 248 MB


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Dev game is not working after Made with Unity? At least check before uploading :/

Are you running an HTC Vive with Steam VR? We've just added a requirements section.